Experience The Luxurious Side Of Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster Limited Edition Collection
Stearns & Foster Limited Edition Collection

Do you have a passion for luxury and an appreciation of timeless elegance? We thought so, which is why we know you will want to experience the luxury of hand- made Stearns & Foster mattresses. Learn more about the authentic craftsmanship, indulgent comfort, exceptional quality, and the legacy of innovation that makes this brand unique.

At Factory Mattress, we know that our customers want a great night’s sleep along with the best selection of mattresses. The attention to detail, luxurious materials, and exquisite craftsmanship that goes in to Stearns & Foster mattresses comes together to deliver the uncompromised comfort and support you’ve been dreaming of. Experience what hand-made affordable quality feels like with Stearns & Foster.

What makes Stearns & Foster Different?

  • Silk-infused mattress fabrics that let you experience a luxurious night’s sleep
  • Exclusive tension-relieving foams designed to give you pressure point relief
  • Durable paddings
  • Titanium alloy coils that are individually wrapped which give you both durability and motion separation.
  • Pressure relieving memory foams in select models
  • Temperature regulating latex foams in select models to keep you cool while you sleep

With different levels of Stearns & Foster to choose from, you can experience sumptuous silks and cashmere, hand-embroidered accouterments, and timeless aesthetics. Your local Factory Mattress carries the largest selection and the guaranteed lowest prices of this luxury brand.

Every Stearns & Foster is handcrafted by specially trained craftsmen and provides exceptional quality through precise engineering. We only want to deliver the highest standard of exceptional, long lasting mattresses.

Each night you will find yourself immersed in the comfort and luxury only found in Stearns & Foster. Call or visit your local Factory Mattress today to see the collections of Stearns & Foster that we carry at our stores. We even offer express delivery so that you can experience the luxurious side of sleeping as soon as possible.