What Is RIGHTfit Technology?

RIGHTfit Technology

Buying a mattress is a big decision. We spend nearly 229,961 hours in our lifetime sleeping which is basically one-third of our life. That’s a lot of sleep! No wonder we spend our time testing out mattresses before making a final decision to purchase. What if there was a way, backed by scientific research, to help you find the best mattress tailored specifically to your needs? The mattress buying process would be taken to an entirely new level, agreed?

Factory Mattress’s exclusive RIGHTfit technology is the next step finding your best night’s sleep. Our patented diagnostic system takes the guesswork out of choosing the support that your body needs, personalizes your shopping experience, and you’ll experience the evolution of a great night’s sleep because the mattress you choose is backed by scientific research.

The RIGHTfit technology scientifically measures pressure points. There are 18 statistical measurements, with over 1,000 scientific calculations, that are used to match you with the mattress best suited for your body type and preferred sleeping position. If you sleep with a partner, the technology blends both of your support needs and determines the optimal support level for both of you.

Using the technology at our local Factory Mattress stores is a breeze and our sales associates will gladly assist you. All you do is lay down on our RIGHTfit diagnostic mattress for 3 minutes and RIGHTfit will identify the optimal support and pressure relief you need. Then based on the huge selection of mattresses in each showroom, you’ll be able to find the comfort level you love with the support your body needs.

This type of technology isn’t something you can experience if you were to buy a mattress online or from any other store in Austin or San Antonio. Not only will you waste money on a one size fits all mattress, (you might as well flip a coin) you’ll only find out you’ve made a mistake after it’s too late. You also won’t be sleeping on a mattress that has been scientifically calculated to your needs. Could you really imagine spending one-third of your life on a mattress that was purchased online or from a salesperson trying to make the most money they can from you?

We didn’t think so!