Busting Common Mattress Myths

Busting Common Mattress Myths

Fact: We use our bed more than any other piece of furniture. This is why buying a new mattress can be a difficult process, not to mention overwhelming. With the seemingly never-ending amount of information out there to sort through, you also have to separate facts from fiction. We’re here to help you navigate through the process, first by busting some common myths about mattresses.

1. The firmer the better.
Conventional wisdom has taught us that a firmer mattress means better back support and in turn, better sleep. In fact, every person is different. Deciding on soft, medium or firm will all depend on how your body feels in the morning. Luckily, Factory Mattress has a 366-night guarantee, so if you feel like you’ve chosen the wrong mattress, you can exchange it for another set for up to 366 nights.

2. A mattress is okay to use until it sags.
A mattress does not need to be visibly sagging for it to be losing support. On average, you should replace your mattress every six to eight years.

3. A mattress topper will fix anything.
It may be tempting to throw a topper on your old mattress to try and extend its life. Really, mattress toppers should be used to relieve pressure points on too firm of a mattress or to add comfort to a mattress that still maintains proper support.

4. Washing your sheets regularly will keep your mattress clean.
Washing your sheets alone will not protect your mattress from dust mites and other allergens. All mattresses will get dust mites, which feed on dead skin cells. The best way to prevent these mites from calling your mattress home is to use a mattress protector and wash it regularly with your sheets.

5. Memory foam mattresses are more comfortable than innerspring mattresses.
Comfort is very subjective and is entirely determined by you. Just because a friend loves her memory foam doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel the same way. Make your decision on what mattress to buy based entirely on your comfort level.

Remember, at Factory Mattress, we have sleep specialists who are capable of busting even the most common mattress myths at all of our locations in Austin and San Antonio, just in case you ever have any questions, or have other mattress myths you need busted! If you’re looking to vet your hand-me-down mattress wisdom, or if you have any questions about the right mattress for you, stop by and see us today.