The Worst Items To Have In Your Bedroom

The Worst Items to Have in Your Bedroom

If you find yourself battling insomnia in the early morning hours, there’s no doubt you will become incredibly frustrated with your inability to sleep. Insomnia can lead to irritability, low productivity and fatigue during the daylight hours. By making improvements to your bedroom and removing troublesome objects, you can turn things around and enjoy a wonderful night’s rest once again. Here are a few items that are better left out of the bedroom.


Television can be highly addictive. If you are used to watching several hours of TV during the evening hours, you may be throwing off your body clock. With the advent of high-definition televisions, you will likely find yourself tempted to watch just one more movie or show before going to bed. Try to fight the urge. In any event, you should always turn off your TV before you turn in for the night. This will prevent the residual light from flooding the room, which can make it very hard to fall asleep. Removing the television from the bedroom altogether is an even better idea.


Today, laptop computers are so widespread that it is nearly impossible to go for even a few hours without checking your email or surfing the Internet. By leaving your computer in the kitchen or the living room, you’ll be able to slowly drift off to sleep without being coaxed into browsing your favorite sites. After a few days, you’ll hardly miss it.

Cell Phones

If you’re the type of person to sleep with your cell phone clasped tightly against your chest, you are not doing yourself any favors. Newer phones are programmed to emit a beep or light whenever a new text message or email has been received. In fact, you may even find yourself waking up several times each night to check your new messages. Leave your phone in another part of the room or, even better, in a different room. Your body will thank you.

Floor Clutter

Cluttered rooms can easily make it more difficult to sleep. If your floor is littered with clothes, magazines and other objects, you may be unknowingly sabotaging yourself. A clean room, on the other hand, will usually lead to a more relaxed mind. Spend some time each week removing clutter so that you can easily drift off without stress or worry.

Large Dogs

Though no doubt crucial to your happiness, your dog may also be causing you problems during the night. While canines are lovable creatures, they also have a tendency to hog the bed. By gently training the family pet to sleep on the floor instead, you won’t have to worry about trying to be comfortable on the remaining two square inches of mattress. With room to stretch out, sleep will surely come quick.

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