Playing Sounds To Help Sleep

Playing Sounds to Help Sleep

MP3 players provide a better solution for people who want to hear audio recordings throughout the night. You can set this device to play noise in an endless loop. If your player runs on batteries, consider buying a radio or stereo system that plays MP3s. It’s important to make the sound level as consistent as possible. Check the instruction manual to see if your player offers a seamless playback option; this will prevent it from pausing when it reaches the end of a recording.

Other Considerations

Although noise plays an important role, it isn’t the only meaningful factor. You might fall asleep faster when you adjust your diet, room temperature or lighting. A more comfortable mattress may improve your slumber as well. You can find quality name-brand beds and pillows at Factory Mattress. Our stores in Austin and San Antonio can beat any competitor’s price. We also accept returns as part of our 366-night comfort guarantee. For more details, please call 512-892-6189 or 210-656-2337.