Feng Shui Your Bedroom For An Ideal Sleeping Space

feng shui bedroom

The bedroom should be a place for peace, sleep, and relaxation. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could create a serene space to rest and rejuvenate? Many people believe that by positioning your furniture a certain way, you can create a more peaceful and relaxing environment. Feng shui experts say we can learn how to create an ideal sleeping space. Today we’ll discover what feng shui is and how you can arrange your space to maximize the best sleep and relaxation.

What is feng shui?
The literal translation of feng shui is “wind and water.” It is the Chinese art of placement with the goal being to enhance the flow of chi and create harmony within your environment. Chi is described as the life force or spiritual energy that supports health, wealth, and happiness.

From location to lighting, to the placement of furniture, we have the best feng shui tips to create a harmonious space for a peaceful and restorative night’s rest.

First, let’s discuss bedroom location. The ideal location for your bedroom should be at the back-end of your house or as far away from the street as possible. If you can, avoid bedrooms over the garage or under highly active areas to avoid disruptions that may wake you. Feng shui experts say that even sleeping above the kitchen can bring negative energy to your bedroom and disruptive sleep patterns.

Next, let’s talk about the placement of your bed. This may seem like the most natural tip, but always place the head of your bed against a wall. There are certain walls that you should avoid such as placing your bed on the same wall where there is a door, directly below a window, or sharing a wall with a kitchen. The best place for your bed is directly opposite from the door against the wall. Your bed should be approachable from both sides with small bedside tables on each side.

Last, but not least, are the colors that you should use in your bedroom. The colors should be both welcoming and calming. Feng shui decorators recommend using natural, warm, earth, and skin tone colors. Create a welcoming atmosphere with cream, peach, tan, or chocolate toned colors. Using colors that are too bright may bring too much energy that can keep you awake at night. Soothing colors will provide just the right amount of energy for you to experience restorative sleep.

By following these feng shui tips, you may be able to create your ideal sleeping space and experience a more peaceful and restorative sleep.

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