Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom

Children need to sleep for 8-12 hours every night, depending on their age. They are living the sleeping dream! Once your baby or toddler outgrows their “baby stuff” it’s time for a big-kid bedroom. Check out these budget-friendly tips for decorating your kid’s bedroom.

When making plans for new decorations, first consider the dimensions of the room and the size bed that will fit. A twin size bed will fit any small child, but consider upgrading to a full or queen mattress if space allows because your smaller child will grow into a larger bed before you know it. We encourage you to bring your kid with you to the nearest Factory Mattress store to test out different mattresses. We’ll help the whole family find a bed that will meet your comfort and budget needs.

The first tip, and second most important, is organization. Isn’t it amazing how many toys your child can acquire at their young age? Keep storage bins and shelving at their height so they can easily find and reach for what they need. This will also deter climbing on furniture. A budget-friendly way to redecorate is to use existing storage or drawers and re-paint them in a bright new color. Your child will actually sleep better when their room is clean and organized; so take the time to find some fun and useful organizational solutions.

One of the best nighttime routines for children, and adults, is reading a book and turning off all electronic devices. Dedicate a cozy corner in the bedroom for reading. Buy oversized pillows, beanbag chairs, or small kids chairs to place in the designated reading area. Keep all their books or magazines on a bookshelf in this area, too. Suggest reading, or cuddle up with your child at night and read a few books before lights out.

To minimize the cost of redecorating an entire bedroom, create a statement wall that can be easily redesigned as your kid grows older. A statement wall makes a huge impact in a bedroom. You can paint it a bright color or hang art or materials to really make it stand out. Wall clings, or wall transfers, are very affordable and can be removed when your child outgrows them with minimal damage to the paint.

Let your child be as much involved as they want to be. Paint, decorations, and choosing the right mattress for them will keep them sleeping peacefully and enjoying their bedtime routine more. We look forward to shopping with the whole family for a new mattress for their redecorated bedroom!