Tips For Sleeping Well In Cold Weather

Tips for Sleeping Well in Cold Weather

Though it may take longer for colder temperatures to hit Texas, we still certainly have some very cold days in late fall & winter. Colder weather can affect the way you sleep – be sure you’re getting the most of out your daily zzz’s with these helpful tips!


Prep Your Bed

It starts with making your bed ready for the colder weather. Replace your light summer blanket with a down comforter or with a thicker blanket to ensure you stay cozy at night. Although wool blankets are incredibly warm, they may be too warm for the coldest of Texas weather, so something like a flannel is better.

Humidify Dry Air 

Indoor air heating can dry up the air around you in your home, which can lead to more frequent congestion, snoring, and other breathing patterns that aren’t good for restful sleep. To keep your nasal passages moist during the cold season, ensure you are hydrated throughout the day and use a humidifier at night. If you’re feeling clogged up before bedtime, try to flush a saline solution or use a Neti pot to clear your passages.

Get Warm Before Sleep

If you are someone who gets cold easily, it’s recommended to have a hot beverage before going to sleep to increase your core temperature. Aim for something relaxing and caffeine-free, like chamomile tea to get you warm before you snooze. Sleeping with a long sleeve shirt and pajama pants will also keep you warm & cozy too.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

When temperatures drop, more people will spend more time indoors. Increased exposure to more people in smaller spaces can increase your changes of catching the cold or flu. Being well rested is a key component in keeping your immune system strong, so ensure you’re getting the daily-recommended amount of sleep. 

Maintain Exercise

Although going out in cold weather to exercise is probably the last thing you want to do, maintaining an exercise routine in colder months can actually help you get more deep sleep.

Upgrade Your Old Mattress

If you find yourself being restless during the night and waking up without feeling refreshed on a regular basis – it’s probably time to invest in a new mattress that will provide the support and comfort you need. Factory Mattress offers a wide range of exceptional quality mattresses from top brands at great prices, so when the time comes for a new mattress – we’ve got you covered!


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