Do You Need A Box Spring Under Your Mattress?

Do You Need A Box Spring Under Your Mattress?

The focus of your sleep set should definitely be a mattress, but it’s important not to forget about a box spring. The foundation of your bed ensures that the mattress is properly supported and lasts a long time and provides comfort. The answer to whether or not you need a box spring can have mixed results. However, there are many benefits to having one. Let’s explore reasons why you should have a box spring (or an alternative foundation) under your mattress.

One of the benefits of having a box spring with your bed is that it raises it up off the floor. Not only is it visually pleasing in your bedroom, it can make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. In addition, it helps keep your mattress clean because it won’t attract dirt, insects, or pet hair that you usually find on your bedroom floor.

More importantly, box springs absorb shock. When your mattress is on the floor, there is nothing to absorb shock and you’ll notice that the lifetime of your bed will diminish faster. If you toss and turn quite a bit at night, the box spring will help absorb some of your movement so that you sleep better. Proper support is essential in getting quality, restorative sleep at night so you wake up feeling refreshed.

A great alternative to a traditional box spring is an adjustable bed base. There are many benefits to this type of bed frame that you can check out on our Mattress Blog. Whether you prefer an adjustable base or a traditional bed foundation, we always recommend that you have some type of foundation. Putting your mattress on the floor can ruin it, diminish the quality, and disrupt your sleep.

We carry a wide variety of box springs and adjustable bases in all of our stores throughout Austin and San Antonio. Visit a Factory Mattress location near you today and we’ll be happy to find the best foundation for your sleep needs.