What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

We’ve all heard of hybrid cars, such as the Prius. Hybrid is usually referred to as an electric vehicle that uses two types of power such as a traditional combustion engine and an electric generator. Well move over vehicles, and get ready for a new type of hybrid. So, what exactly is a hybrid mattress? Find out more as we explain the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress and what they are exactly.

A hybrid mattress combines innerspring and memory foam materials. By combining materials, you experience the benefits of both mattress technologies. If you seek exceptional support with the luxury of comfort, then this type of mattress is ideal for your sleeping needs.

Most hybrid beds contain three layers: base foam, coil support core, and memory foam or latex. You can also find an added layer with a pillow or euro topper for added comfort. The foam base layer, provides extra padding for stability. The coil support core ensures that motion transfer is minimized. This is great for customers who share a bed with their partner or kids! The memory foam or latex layer provides superior comfort. Many of these comfort layers also feature cooling capabilities through copper elements.

There are many benefits to this type of bed. If you are a side sleeper, this mattress offers exceptional spinal alignment and pressure point relief. Do you get hot while you sleep? This bed will keep you cool at night because of the coil support core and cooling materials found in the top comfort layer. Do you share a bed with your partner? Do your kids sneak into your bed during the early morning hours? The motion isolation of this mattress would be a great fit for you because the foam layers minimize motion transfer.

There are a few disadvantages to purchasing a hybrid. If you are planning a move any time soon be aware that this bed is heavier than traditional mattresses. You might want to wait to purchase when you are in your new home and we’ll deliver it directly to you. Due to the mix of materials, this bed is more expensive than others. (But, it’s well worth the cost.) While these are a more expensive option, we have great deals and sales that will lower your purchase price. At Factory Mattress, we also offer financing so you don’t have to wait to sleep in your new bed. Visit us in Austin and San Antonio today, and take a test-sleep on our hybrid mattresses.