High School Students Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

High School Students Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

In a recent study conducted by the CDC, researchers found that seven out of ten high school students weren’t getting the sleep they needed. Sleep is crucial for them as they are still growing and their minds are still developing. So you may be wondering why they aren’t getting enough sleep? Fairly often, teenagers are thought of as sleeping all day, sleeping in until the afternoon, and not focusing on homework. Right? Wrong!

Teenagers often stay up late doing homework, studying for exams, or posting to their favorite social channels. In addition to staying up late, they wake up early for school the next day. The sleep deficit can take a major toll on their studies, development, and overall wellbeing. It can be difficult for them to shake off their torpor while having to focus on classes, friends, social activities, and other teenage interests.

Teenagers, even ones up to 18 years old, should sleep around 8 to 10 hours every night. However, 70% of teens are not getting nearly the amount of sleep recommended. Researchers found that a sleep deficit can increase the risk for diabetes, obesity, mental health, injuries, behavior, and poor performance in school.

In addition to staying up late, teens and children often don’t sleep on the best mattresses. Parents often assume that kids can sleep on anything, however this isn’t the case. Instead of buying your teen a cheap bed or an old hand-me-down mattress, make sure they are fitted with a mattress that provides them the support they need. With our exclusive RIGHTfit Technology, we can scientifically measure their pressure points to determine the proper level of support they need. Worried about mattress size in your teen’s bedroom? We have an excellent choice of beds in full and queen sizes that will fit perfectly in their bedrooms.

The right mattress and an appropriate bedtime will ensure that they get the proper amount of rest they need.