Do You Need A Mattress Topper Or A New Mattress?

Do You Need A Mattress Topper Or A New Mattress?

If the thought of buying a mattress topper has crossed your mind, just know that you’re not alone. Many people consider buying a topper to save a few bucks or to extend the age of their bed instead of a new mattress. Other customers believe that a plush topper will add extra comfort. However, a topper isn’t the best solution for your sleep needs. If you’re thinking about buying one, consider buying a new mattress instead.

If you’ve had your mattress for seven or more years, then it’s definitely time for a new one. A topper will not extend the life of your bed. You’ll spend a few hundred dollars just to sleep comfortably for maybe a month or two longer. Usually, after this long, your mattress could start to sag or develop indentions that make getting comfortable difficult. Adding a topper will conform to those same problems and you’ll still feel the sagging or indentions.

Are you scared about the cost of a new bed? Don’t be! At Factory Mattress, we have the best selection of name brand sets at the lowest prices. While a topper might be slightly less expensive, the quality of sleep, value, and longevity of the topper will not last as long as a quality mattress. Investing in a new bed is the best thing you can do for yourself. We also have financing options available so you don’t have to wait to purchase your new bed.

If you’re considering a topper because your current mattress is too firm, try out a new bed instead. Using our exclusive RIGHTfit technology, we can scientifically measure your pressure points in three minutes to determine the level of support you need. Our experienced sales associates will help you find a mattress with the firmness or softness your body needs for quality rest.

Some people believe that a topper will help cool you down while you sleep. Unfortunately, this way of thinking isn’t accurate. While there are some breathable toppers for sale, they do not have the same cooling technology that mattresses do. The Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze features a three-part cooling system that no other topper can offer. The Tempur-Breeze cooling and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool while you sleep by dissipating heat. Many of our Kingsdown mattresses have gel-infused foam that also dissipates heat while relieving pressure.