Cold Weather Sleep Tips

Cold Weather Sleep Tips

Now that fall is upon is, we can expect the nights to get colder. Yes, even in Texas we have cool autumn nights. The colder weather can affect the air around us and our sleep. The dryer, cooler air can make it tough to stay warm and night or you may experience a runny nose as we enter flu season that makes it difficult to sleep. So take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte as you read these tips for sleeping in cold weather.

1. Make your bed warm and comfortable.
This time of year you may want to ditch the light summer blanket and pull out your down feather comforter or thicker blankets. If you begin to notice that you’re getting overheated from a thick comforter, try sleeping with layers. You may want to double up on thinner covers so you can easily take one off if you get too hot. While wool blankets might be too hot in Texas, a breathable flannel blanket is quite nice.

2.  Keep your immune system up so you don’t get sick.
It is very difficult to sleep when you’re fighting off a cold or the flu. A stuffy nose, coughing, and fevers make it nearly impossible to get a restorative night’s sleep. If you do catch a cold, try to prop yourself up as much as possible with pillows or your adjustable sleep base. An adjustable sleep base really comes in handy because you can get comfortable and find the best angle to sleep at so you can breathe easier. Be sure to eat healthy food, take your vitamins, and practice good hygiene to avoid getting the flu or an autumn cold.

3. Get cozy.
A nice cup of warm tea, caffeine-free of course, and comfortable pajama pants will help you stay warm and get relaxed for bed time. If you get cold easily, a warm cup of chamomile tea will help to increase your core body temperature. If you make the tea too hot, you might get overheated as you get under the covers. Do you like to cuddle? This is the perfect time to cuddle so you and your partner will stay warm while you’re in bed. Put on a comfortable pair of pajama pants and a long t-shirt that will keep you warm but won’t make you too hot.

4. Upgrade your outdated mattress.
Older mattresses don’t have the level of technology and advanced materials that newer ones have. The Simmons Beautyrest Platinum mattress features SurfaceCool Plus Fiber works with AirCool memory foam that improves air flow to keep you cool. Wait, keep you cool? I know we’re trying to keep you warm during the winter. However, the added blankets and flannel pajamas can cause you to be uncomfortable and too hot without airflow.