Cuddling Or Space? How Do You Sleep In A Relationship?

Cuddling Or Space? How Do You Sleep In A Relationship?

Forget about the days when you can spread out and take up the entire bed! Being in a relationship is all about compromise. Even at night, when it’s time to sleep and share the bed. Do you prefer to snuggle up close to your significant other or are you all about the space? Let’s explore some of the most common sleeping positions for you and your significant other to enjoy so that you’ll both sleep happy feeling refreshed.

Are you big spoon or little spoon? This is one of the most popular sleeping positions amongst couples. It allows you to snuggle up close to your partner while feeling secure, trusted, and a little vulnerable. This great for couples who want to be close.

If you prefer to have just a little bit of space between you and your partner than the “loose spoon” is the way to go. You’re close enough to feel cuddly, but you have enough space to get comfortable in a sleeping position that you’ll be most comfortable in. This position says you’ve got your partner’s back and you’re allowing them to also have the space they need to be comfortable.

For those nights when you’re feeling extra loving, the tangle is the perfect sleeping position. This position looks exactly how it sounds and you are literally tangled up next to your partner. This sleeping position allows you to look at your partner as you fall asleep and have both your arms and legs wrapped up around them.

Feeling like you need some space? Try out the liberty lovers sleeping position. This allows both you and your significant other to sleep how you want to with your back to each other with space in between. It’s definitely okay to have some space between you. This position means that you feel secure in your relationship and you don’t have to be cuddled up all the time.

Remember when you were single and could take up the entire bed when you were sleeping? You could sleep like a starfish and sprawl out without a worry in the world. Well if you do this in a relationship then you are a space hog! Don’t be a space hog! You could push your significant other off of the bed or leave them very little space to get comfortable. If you are a space hog then you might want to consider a king size bed. Hopefully, this larger size mattress will allow you to sprawl out a little and leave your partner the space they need to get comfortable too.