How To Get Kids To Sleep After Trick-or-Treating

How To Get Kids To Sleep After Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a fun and exciting night for kids and parents alike. Staying up late, dressing up, running house to house and screaming, “trick-or-treat” is totally spooktacular! Oh and let’s not forget the sugar rush from all the candy your kids will consume. Even though Halloween is an exciting time, all fun must come to an end when it’s time for bed. Here are some sleep tips so you can stick to your bedtime routine without having a meltdown, or sugar crash, at the end of the night.

1. Be Prepared and Plan Ahead
This sleep tip is really for the parents and structuring the bedtime routine around Halloween. Be prepared before you set out trick-or-treating with your kids and have their pajamas laid out and beds ready to be tucked in. You can also plan to have an early dinner so that you can head out early to get candy so you’re back home at a reasonable hour. This is especially important for families with young children who need plenty of sleep. Set expectations for your children and let them know there is a time limit for how late they’ll be out.

2. Limit Candy Eating
This might be “tricky” to follow because let’s admit it, we love candy just as much as the kids! However, set candy limits for your kids. Allow them to eat a few pieces while they are out or a couple of pieces at home when they return. Overeating candy will raise their blood sugar and will make it harder for your children to fall asleep at night. Try not to let them eat candy right before bedtime either.

3. Follow Bedtime Routine
When you arrive home from trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party, stick to your child’s usual bedtime routine. Don’t rush them into their pajamas as soon as they get home. A warm bath, brushing teeth, and reading a book will help calm your child down and signal to them that it’s time for bed. Even though they may be getting to bed later than usual, it’s important to stick to the routine.

4. Noise Machines
If your kids sleep with a sound or noise machine, make sure it is turned on and placed closer to their bedroom door or window. This will help drown out noise from other neighborhood kids who are still out. If you don’t have a noise machine, a room or ceiling fan can also help to drown out Halloween noise. Try your best to make it as quiet as possible so your kids will be able to fall asleep. You can also turn off your porch light so other trick-or-treaters will know you’re out of candy or done for the evening. Another great idea is to place a sign over your doorbell that lets families know you have sleeping kids in the house.

Happy Halloween!