What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

There’s nothing like getting into bed after a long day, adjusting to your favorite sleeping position, counting sheep, and drifting off in a peaceful sleep. Pure bliss! We all have that one position we usually revert to when we’re getting comfortable. Did you know that your sleeping position could also reveal your personality traits? What does your sleeping position say about you?

A study conducted by Chris Idzikowski, a British sleep expert, revealed that certain positions that we sleep in can reveal some of our personality traits. The study asked participants to provide a few character traits and the position they most often sleep in. Let’s explore what the most common positions are and traits associated with them.

  1. The Fetal Position (the most common sleeping position)
  2. The Log
  3. The Yearner
  4. The Soldier
  5. The Starfish
  6. Free Fallers

Fetal position sleepers lie on their side with their knees pulled into their chest. The name for this comes from a common position that babies are in. This position is very comforting and more women than men reported falling asleep this way. The personality traits reported were having a tough exterior but a kind heart, aka a softy, on the inside. Because of their tough exterior and not outwardly showing emotion, these sleepers are typically shy at first but will open up over time.

Log sleepers lie straight on their side with their arms next to them. This is a very rigid sleeping position but the personality traits associated with these sleepers do not match up to the position. Log sleepers are very social, carefree, trusting, and the life of the party. I guess all that socializing is exhausting because this position is known for the best way to catch up on sleep.

Yearners sleep in a very similar manner as fetal position sleepers, but have their arms extended in front of them. As you could imagine, these sleepers are a bit closed off yet very open-minded. They tend to be a little on the cynical side and can be suspicious when trying to make a decision. These sleepers are firm in their convictions and will stick to a decision once it has been made.

The soldier sleepers are back sleepers that keep their arms to their sides. The name comes from a solider standing at attention, but sleepers do this lying down. Personality traits associated with this sleeping position are quiet and reserved. They also tend to hold people at a higher expectation than most other folks. They think highly of the people in their life and expect them at their best.

Starfish sleepers look like a starfish when they sleep and have their legs and arms sprawled across the bed. These sleepers are great friends and are always willing to lend a hand to help out. They are great listeners too. We all need a starfish in our lives!

Free fallers, known as stomach sleepers, lie on their stomachs and often hold their pillow closely as they drift off to sleep. These sleepers tend to experience more anxiety than others but are outgoing and outspoken. Only a small percentage of sleepers reported to be free fallers.

Your sleeping position can also say a lot about the type of mattress you should sleep on. In addition to telling your mattress sales associate about the type of sleeper you are, you can also answer this sleep questionnaire before visiting your local Factory Mattress and bring in the results with you to find the perfect mattress.