Sleep Lover’s Gift Guide

Sleep Lover’s Gift Guide

If you or a loved one suffer from excessive snooze syndrome, the holidays are here to help.

For some people, the outside world holds no allure compared to curling up under the covers or napping on the couch. These are the folks who regularly hit the sack by 8 and can somehow sleep until noon if allowed to.

Thankfully, the fact that sleep is their favorite pastime makes them rather easy to shop for during the holidays. Checkout some of our favorite gifts for those who truly savor their sleep.

Sleep Pod from Hug Sleep

A sleep sack is generally used on babies to provide a safer sleep environment than loose bunched sheets in a crib, but Hug Sleep has created one for adults. Sleep Pod is a first-of-its-kind sleep solution designed around the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Applying gentle pressure around your entire body, simulating the feeling of being hugged, helps to reduce stress and give you a better night’s sleep.

Silk Sleep Mask

A sleek sleep mask to help reduce eye puffiness while blocking harsh light that can ruin your rest. This one also comes with ear plugs for ensuring nothing disturbs their slumber.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Scent is a powerful force, with essential oils like valerian (a common ingredient in herbal teas), bergamot and lavender scientifically proven to help improve sleep quality. This aromatherapeutic pillow spray is a superblend of lavender, chamomile and vetivert calms both mind and body, soothing you to sleep. Simply spritz your pillow before you sleep.

Ooler Bed Cooling System

Ooler is a unique system that uses three components to keep your bed at the perfect temperature for deep restorative sleep. A control unit that can be controlled with touch buttons or the app is used to circulate cooled water through a hydronic pad which resides inside a hi-loft jacquard knit cover that balances comfort with thermal regulation capacity. The Ooler system can slowly cool you down in the evening as well as gently wake you by slowly warming the bed as you approach the end of your sleep cycle.

Muse Sleep Meditation Softband

Muses uses an EEG-equipped headband and award-winning brain sensing technology to analyze and improve sleep quality with research-grade precision. This is their first sleep-focused product as their previous two were meditation oriented. The Muse Softband allows users to wear it to bed, and play meditation sounds via an Alexa-equipped speaker, whilst also monitoring your sleep patterns.

Hupnos Snoring Mask

Hupnos utilizes your smartphone and a smart sleep mask to reduce snoring through the use of EPAP technology. EPAP, Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure, is a device similar to the more common CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device used to treat sleep apnea, but EPAP only delivers positive pressure when you are exhaling. The Hupnos smart mask connects to your smart phone while you sleep to analyze your snoring habits and takes gentle steps to fix it by either providing gentle vibrational signals to prompt the user to change sleeping positions or by increasing the exhalation pressure, so you stop snoring.

Organic Hercules Muscle Spasm Tea

Even if you don’t have muscle spasms, this organic tea will help ease tension and relax muscles while calming the nerves so you can peacefully drift off to sleep. Crafted of the highest quality and made from bioregional herbs in Southern Oregon. Chamomile, valerian and passionflower, as well as skullcap which is described as having benefits for those suffering from insomnia.

Faux Fur Backrest Pillow

Just because they love their bed doesn’t mean they’re always asleep in it. This mini armchair is basically just the back and arms of a really comfortable chair. It’s perfect for sitting up to read or watch TV without having to build one out of wadded/folded pillows meant for sleeping.


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