Relaxation Techniques To Help You Sleep Better

Relaxation Techniques To Help You Sleep Better

We’ve all experienced those nights where insomnia completely takes over and you are unable to fall asleep. Whether it’s from stomach pains from eating too much too late, stress, or an uncomfortable mattress, there are relaxation techniques that can help you fall asleep. Don’t stress out about not being able to fall asleep because that will only make your insomnia worse. Instead, try these relaxation techniques and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Guided imagery
Guided imagery is very similar to meditation or hypnosis and helps shift your brain wave activity. There are certain images that can be used to promote your brain’s movement towards a deep sleep. There are even guided imagery apps you can download on your phone. The apps will help you visualize images that will make you sleepy. For example, one of the images is a ball of yarn unwinding as it rolls away slowly.

Deep Breathing Exercises
Deep breathing is a great way to relax and can help you drift off to sleep if you’re feeling restless. If you’ve practiced yoga, you may have even noticed your instructor tell you to take deep breaths as a way to relax and move into a yoga pose. There are several reasons why deep breathing can help you fall asleep: it relaxes muscles, helps slow your heart rate down, helps slow down breathing if you’re experiencing anxiety, and it takes attention away from not being able to fall asleep.

Muscle Relaxation
Muscle relaxation is meant to relieve tension and allow you to focus on your body, which takes attention away from not being able to fall asleep, or other troubling thoughts. Tensing and releasing your muscles allows you to enter a relaxed state so you can fall asleep easily. Progressive muscle relaxation can be done in your bed even when you’re lying down. It’s as easy as taking a deep breath, tensing a portion of your body (such as upper legs), hold, and then relax. Do this working from your toes up to your face. Repeat 2-3 times and you will start to notice how relaxed you are.

Finding The Right Mattress With Your Support Needs
Having the proper amount of support in your mattress is essential for experiencing restorative sleep. Even with relaxation techniques, the right mattress for your needs will go a long way. An old or uncomfortable mattress can leave you feeling stiff, tense, and tossing and turning all night desperately seeking a comfortable sleeping position. At Factory Mattress, we have sleep technology that scientifically measures your pressure points with our exclusive RIGHTfit diagnostics. This technology will identify the amount of support you need and our associates will help match you up with a mattress that is right for you.