Mattress Reviews: Research Before You Purchase

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Buying a mattress can be a big decision in one’s life. You might be buying a new mattress to help with back pain, you need something more comfortable, or maybe you are transitioning your baby into a big bed. With so many brands, materials, and stores to purchase from, it can be a difficult task. With the help of online reviews, the decision making process can be much easier. As always, reading reviews should only be a part of the research process, and not your final deciding factor. Going to your local mattress store after reading reviews allows you the opportunity to test for yourself the bed you are interested in purchasing.

When reading mattress reviews about your local store, you can get a feel for the sales associates in addition to the beds. You may find that some customers prefer a firm mattress while others enjoy a soft pillow one. Also, customers might have raving reviews about one brand while others are loyal to another. By reading reviews, you can get an outside viewpoint on the many different options. It’s important so we’ll mention it again that going to your local store to test out the bed is of the upmost importance.

Online mattress retailers often have hundreds of reviews that can be misleading, and often fake. Also, many online retailers who sell mattresses only sell one type of mattress, a one-size-fits-all, so the review doesn’t offer information about the shopping experience, sales associates, and customer service. While reviews are extremely helpful, it’s important to go to your local mattress store to make your final purchase and test out the bed itself. Let the reviews aid in your decision, but not be your final decision maker.

Looking at reviews is just one step in your research process. At your local Factory Mattress, the sales associates will introduce you to a break-through system that uses pressure mapping technology that scientifically measures your pressure points to determine the level of support that you need. This new technology, called RIGHTfit technology, allows you and our team to research the best support and mattress that is customized just for you!

Leaving reviews is also helpful for other shoppers and sales associates at the local store. You can provide feedback about the mattress you purchased, your shopping experience, and the friendliness of the customer service. Mattress reviews not only help other customers, but they help the store learn and grow from their customers’ feedback.