How To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

How to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

The time has come to welcome a new mattress into your home and say goodbye to your old mattress. If you think simply throwing your mattress out in the nearest dumpster is the way to get rid of it – think again. Proper disposal of old mattresses is important, and there are usually city rules and regulations regarding disposal. Keep reading to find out the best ways to get rid of your old mattress after purchasing a new one.

Determine What To Do with Your Mattress

You may think that all mattresses need to be thrown away, but you can recycle/repurpose your old mattress or even donate it, depending on the condition and wear.


There are several recycling companies that will happily accept used mattresses as they can repurpose many components of the mattress – steel, wood, cotton, foam, and even the springs can become new products. All-foam mattresses can also be broken down & shredded to make new pillows. Below are a few sources to determine how to recycle your mattress:

Donate Your Mattress

Another way to dispose of your old mattress is to donate! If you plan to donate your mattress, it’s important to note that the mattress must still be usable and in decent condition. There are several places where you can donate your mattress. For example, Salvation Army will even come to your house to pick it up! Check out the mattress donation places below:

Throw It Out & Schedule a Pick Up

If you’re having your new mattress delivered from a store, they can usually take away your old mattress upon delivery. However, if you opted for a bed-in-a-box for your new mattress, you’ll need to schedule a separate mattress pick up from a local or national mattress disposal company, or take it to a local landfill yourself. Hiring a company will save you time, energy, and effort when getting rid of your old mattress.

Before you decide on a pick up service, it’s recommended that you check your city’s mattress regulations to ensure the process is done properly. It’s also best practice to book a pick up appointment at least a day in advance so you’re sure to have a time slot that works for your schedule.

Any pick up service will have a team who can handle the size and weight of your mattress, but it’s important to do your part as well. Before they arrive, make sure there’s a clear path to your old mattress and to the exit to make the process as smooth and as quick as possible.

Getting rid of an old mattress may seem like a hassle, but there are multiple options that allow experts to do the heavy lifting – so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your brand new mattress!


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