Holidays And The Guestroom Mattress

Holidays and The Guestroom Mattress

We’ve entered the time of year for celebrating joyous occasions, indulging in family time, overeating, and hosting houseguests for days – that’s right, it’s the holiday season!

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that buying the cheapest mattress they can find for a guest bed is the best way to go. While we agree that you don’t need to buy the most expensive or luxurious bed, you do want to purchase something that won’t leave your guests waking up feeling ten years older. If you’ve ever slept on one of those foldout couches with the bar in the middle of your back, you know firsthand that grumpy houseguests do not make for a happy holiday! So, instead of suffering through the season we’ve put together some handy tips to consider when purchasing a mattress for your guest bedroom.

It’s important to ask yourself questions about the space and the guests you can expect to be staying with you.

1. How old is the mattress in your guest bed now?
Mattresses should be replaced every eight years. If the bed is older than that, then it is definitely time to invest in a new one. A lot of guest bedrooms get old, hand-me-down mattresses, but you don’t have to break the bank while upgrading to a new one.

2. How big is the room and what size bed will fit appropriately?
Always measure a bedroom before you purchase a new bed. Will the room fit a king, queen, or a full? Most guest beds are usually queen-size because smaller rooms are typically used. If the room isn’t very big, a full-size will be great, and there are very comfortable mattresses in all sizes (even twin).

3. Who will be sleeping in your guest bedroom?
Keep in mind that different guests have different needs. Do you have many different visitors, or do you have grandparents or family members who stay for extended periods of time? These are all significant considerations you should account for before making a purchase. Many people sleep comfortably on a firmer mattress, especially older guests. You’ll also want to buy a bed frame because you’ll want the height to be easy for all guests to get in and out of the bed. Suggestion: Refrain from placing a mattress on the floor.

4. How long do guests usually stay?
If you are expecting a long-term guest, it’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress, so your guest will be comfortable. Again, no need to buy top-of-the-line, but invest in something with proven comfort and longevity.

When you’re ready to purchase a mattress for your guest bedroom or talk to a friendly sleep expert about your specific needs, locally-owned Factory Mattress can exceed your expectations. Our team members are here to help you, not sell you, on your next purchase and with 22 locations throughout Central Texas, a great night’s sleep (and a comfy, happier holiday) is right around the corner!