Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Cost You Your Job

Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Cost You Your Job

One-third of our lives are spent sleeping, but we hardly put enough emphasis on getting quality, restorative sleep at night. In fact, most people believe that a good night’s rest is a luxury and not a necessity. Have you thought about the effects of sleep deprivation? Did you know that in addition to long-term health issues, sleep deprivation could be costly to your job?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one-third of adults are not getting enough sleep. A recent publication by Forbes reported that sleep-deprivation is costing our country more than $400 billion dollars each year in productivity. In fact, many working days are lost because employees are just too tired to function.

Sleep deprivation takes a major toll on an employee’s performance. For employers, that could result in missed deadlines, overtime costs skyrocketing, and poor morale at the workplace. Adults should get six to eight hours of sleep every night. For those who are unable to sleep that much, power naps can make up for the sleep deficit.

The ability to do things becomes harder when you have an overall lack of sleep. Driving, thinking, remembering, and processing information becomes much more difficult when you are tired. Adults need sleep just as much as children do. Many students who do not sleep at night have bad grades in school and a harder time focusing on lessons. The same is true for adults while at work.

When you are sleep deprived, your immune system can also be affected which in turn means more sick days at work. Not only do your coworkers want you to stay home while you’re sick, it’s nearly impossible to function. Your immune system is directly impacted by your sleep because when you don’t sleep enough, your immunity is decreased. If you are sick, sleep is the best remedy for getting back on your feet and back to work.

Now that we know about the effects of sleep deprivation, we can talk about what to do to sleep better. The foundation for great sleep starts with the right mattress. In just under five minutes, our exclusive RIGHTfit technology will scientifically measure your pressure points to determine the level of support that you need. Once you know the support level, our experts will help you find the best mattress tailored to your specific needs. You can achieve the quality and restorative sleep you need with a mattress from Factory Mattress.