Connections Between Productivity & Sleep

Connections Between Productivity & Sleep

Did you know that sccience suggests getting the right amount of sleep provides great health benefits such as increased productivity? If you find yourself in a bit of a slump, bad sleep may be to blame. See the connection between productivity & sleep below!

It’s estimated that one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep. There are many causes for sleep deficiency including: poor sleep habits, a sleep disorder, or job-related sleep restrictions such as shift work or the military. No matter the cause, there is no “getting used to it” as it will negatively affect you regardless of your age, health, or job title.

Insufficient Sleep = Big Impact

The negative effects of insufficient sleep are widespread, and have a big impact on not just daily life but the economy as well. According to a study conducted by the RAND Corporation, the US sustains loses the equivalent of over 1 million working days a year as a result of insufficient sleep! That’s because when you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, it’s much harder to pay attention and focus which affects performance and productivity.

Not getting enough sleep also slows your reaction times, making for dangerous driving and higher rates of at work injuries. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, nearly one-third of drivers reported nodding off or falling asleep behind the wheel.

Benefits of Getting Optimal Sleep

On the other hand, getting a good night’s sleep feeds creativity, idea generation, and an increase in “aha!” moments. Sleep feeds our innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

During sleep, memories are reactivated, connections between brain cells are strengthened, and information is transferred from short to long-term. By not getting enough quality sleep, we become more forgetful and find it harder to organize our thoughts. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping shortly after learning new information helps us to retain and recall that information later.

The key to performing at your best is a commitment to getting the recommended amount of sleep every night. The longer you are sleep deprived, the lower your performance for cognitive tasks. Napping can also boost your productivity. Strategically having 20-30 minute power naps can also serve as mental boost, which can result in better overall performance.

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