Improve Your Health With An Adjustable Bed

Improve Your Health With An Adjustable Bed

What is an adjustable bed base? It offers bed owners the ability to change their position with simple controls to help them sleep better & stay comfortable. Modern adjustable beds blend seamlessly into home decor and offer a range of sleep & health benefits. We’ll go over the basics & benefits of adjustable beds so you can decide whether or not an adjustable bed is right for you.

How did the modern adjustable base come to be? Three-part adjustable bases which feature the ability to raise and lower each segment, were developed by Dr. Willis Gatch in the early 1900s. The Gatch Bed revolutionized health care due to its ability to elevate the patient into specific positions to promote healing through increased circulation and oxygen levels after surgeries. Anyone suffering from long bouts of bed rest also found them to be considerably more comfortable for a variety of activities, making sitting up and relaxing in bed easier. Adjustable bases are more common in households than ever, enjoyed by sleepers old & young. See the various benefits of adjustable bases below.


What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Bases?

Alleviate Back Pain

People with back pain are advised to use adjustable beds. A flat bed may not provide the proper support for the spinal cord, resulting in excess back pain and restless sleep. Inclining the bed at 45 degrees provides relief for the lower back. By raising the foot of the bed, you can relieve even more pressure on the spine. People having low back surgery feel an adjustable bed is far more comfortable than a flat bed.

Acid Reflex and Heartburn Relief

Those suffering from acidity benefit from having their upper body elevated 6 to 8 inches. This helps the stomach to retain the acids. On a flat bed, acid moves to the esophagus leading to episodes of acid reflex or heartburn.

Aids with Asthma and Snoring

Elevating the upper body benefits people with Asthma. On a horizontal mattress, it restricts air tubes and increases the difficulty of moving air to vital major organs. The FDA has said that adjustable beds aid in the treatment of a number of medical afflictions and illnesses. Snoring is not a problem, except for your partner. Normally adjusting the upper part of the bed to a higher position eliminates or reduces snoring.


People experiencing pain from arthritis located in the upper body or lower body will benefit from an adjustable bed. Individuals with Osteoarthritis in the spine, or facet joint arthritis, often wake up quite stiff and sore in the morning. Sleeping on an adjustable bed may provide better support and therefore decrease the irritation by minimizing joint compression.

Lifestyle – Reading, Working on Laptop and Watching TV

We enjoy relaxing after a long day. We usually try to imitate an adjustable bed by stacking pillows against the headboard to get comfortable while we read, work on our laptop or watch TV. After about 10 minutes the pillows moved around and we end up in a very uncomfortable position. Your back was fine, and now it hurts, because you are in an awkward position. Your neck hurts, your shoulders hurt and probably your back hurts. The Adjustable Bed can be programmed to the correct position that allows you to be perfectly aligned and relaxed. The perfect pillow will make the experience even better.

If you think an adjustable base is right for you – browse our selection of adjustable bases online. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us – our sales staff is here for you!