Three Common Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make

Three Common Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make

Becoming a new parent is amazing! You welcome a little bundle of joy to your family and life changes in the greatest and most unexpected way possible. One of the hardest parts of parenting a baby is the lack of sleep you’ll experience. Most babies do not start sleeping through the night until they are six months old, and even then, sleep training might be needed for those little ones who like their nighttime feeding.

Some parents think they have tricks for getting their babies to sleep all night. While some of these methods work, others can quickly backfire on you. Also, that one nighttime routine that works for one child doesn’t guarantee it will work for all children. Check out some of these common sleep mistakes new parents make when it comes to bedtime.

The most common mistake of all is putting the baby to bed late. Many parents think that keeping their child up late will make them more tired and they’ll sleep all night. Wrong! When babies are overtired they become fussy and struggle to fall asleep. They often wake up earlier than normal because they do not get quality rest. Babies and young children require a lot of sleep. Stick to a bedtime that is early in the evening so they can sleep the required amount to grow and develop.

Just like adults, babies need time to wind down before bed. Many parents think that stimulation and “fun time” will make their baby fall asleep easier, but the opposite is true. It’s important not to over-stimulate your children before they go to bed. Rotating toys, sounds, and lights will keep your baby’s brain at work and harder to settle down at night. Put your little one to bed in a dark room. If you have older children or think that noise will keep them awake, turn on a fan or use a white noise machine to drown out other household noises. This can be really helpful when your baby has a bedtime around 6 or 7 in the evening.

Many parents think that babies are too young to recognize a bedtime routine. In fact, routines are very important to children. As the parents, you can create a routine that works for you and your family. We recommend calming activities such as a warm bath, reading books, or playing (or singing) lullabies softly. Make sure that you stick to the routine as best as you can every night. Consistency is key for a great night’s sleep.

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