Spring Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Spring Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Spring is almost here, and for many people, spring break is right around the corner. While we don’t recommend spending your entire break cleaning your bedroom, it’s a great idea to spend a day cleaning. We spend plenty of time sleeping in our bedrooms, so having a clean space is very important. Check out these spring bedroom cleaning tips and sleep in a cozy, clean space.

First things first – wash your bedding. Don’t just throw your sheets in the washing machine though. Remove your comforter and bed shams if you use them and wash those as well. Some pillows are machine washable, but check the labels first before washing them. When it’s time to dry your pillows, throw in a couple of washing balls or a tennis ball to help fluff your pillows back up.

While your bedding and pillows are being washed, the next step to a clean bedroom is dusting everything. You can use a clean, damp cloth or dusting rag to dust all the surfaces in your bedroom, including furniture, lamps, ceiling fans, windows, and door frames. We recommend starting from the highest surface first and working your way down. This will ensure you don’t have to dust the same areas twice.

Next up is cleaning your mattress. This is much easier than it sounds. You can simply sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress and either vacuum or dust it off. This will keep it smelling fresh all year long. You can also refer to the manufacturer recommendations for cleaning your bed. Check out our more detailed steps for cleaning your mattress.

Organizing and removing clutter from your bedroom is not only part of cleaning, but the relaxing environment will also help you sleep better. Messy rooms can cause stress that will make falling asleep troublesome. A study by Sleepbetter.org found that two-thirds of respondents reported sleeping better when their bedrooms were clean.

Once the bedding is washed, surfaces are dusted, and the mattress is freshened up, make your bed. Making the bed sets the tone for a relaxed environment. The nighttime routine of unmaking the bed and turning down the sheets will send a signal that it’s time to sleep.

Enjoy these spring cleaning tips and sleep soundly knowing you spent time spring cleaning your bedroom.