Meet The SmartLife Mattress

Meet The SmartLife Mattress

Are you looking for a bed that truly delivers a luxurious sleep night after night? The new SmartLife mattress by King Koil is where you should look. The SmartLife mattress combines expert craftsmanship with top sleeping technology to deliver the ultimate bed. Learn more about the Smartlife sleep system below!

Smart Cell & Patented Body Sensing Technology

Can a bed be smart? The SmartLife sleep system certainly proves it. SmartLife features two advanced technologies to deliver unmatched comfort & adaptability. The Smart Cell Technology has over 80 individual Smart Cells throughout 8 different zones. These Smart Cells use a multitude of algorithms to give your body the unique support it needs each night.

The patented Body Sensing Technology will automatically adjust to an individual’s body shape, weight & height. This technology also allows for independent control on each side of the bed, adjusting according to each sleeper present.

3 Luxurious Layers

The SmartLife bed is constructed of 3 main layers that work together seamlessly to deliver the perfect night’s sleep. The first layer is the HypurGel, a highly resilient gel-infused memory foam that responds to your body’s movement and adapts accordingly to provide an optimal sleeping temperature. The second layer is 4#RMF Responsive Memory Foam. This foam layer is high-density and conforms to your body’s unique contours to evenly distribute weight to prevent pressure points and reduce tossing throughout the night. The last and final layer is the ioBED Core Technology which includes the Smart Cell & Body Sensing technologies.

Smartlife  Sleep App

Want to see how well you’re sleeping over time? The SmartLife Sleep App will track your daily, monthly, and yearly sleep statistics to help you gain a deeper understanding of the way you sleep. The app also features a special Relaxation Mode that provides a gentle wave motion throughout the mattress.  

Are you ready to invest in the best sleep of your life? Shop the SmartLife mattress online or come try it out in person at one of our locations before you buy!