How To Wash A Dog Bed

How To Wash A Dog Bed

Your dogs are bundles of energy who keep the house lively and warm. However, they also require adequate sleep after running and playing around.  You will find most dog beds covered in dirt, stains, and fur. You have to know how to clean a dog bed to keep that unpleasant dog odor away and maintain the health of your furry friend. Why Should You Wash Your Dog’s Bed? If you leave your pet bedding uncleaned, dust, dirt, urine drops, and mud stains will accumulate on it, making the odor unbearable and leaving your pooch with unhealthy diseases to cope with.

Moreover, fur from your dog also settles down on their bed, making it necessary to clean them frequently. Washing it regularly will keep your home hygienic. It will also ensure your pet stays healthy. Just like your own bed, your dog’s bed requires regular cleaning.

How to Clean a Dog Bed

If you are confused about how to clean your dog bedding, here are some simple steps for you.

  1. Remove Fur First

Vacuuming is the best option. It is a hassle-free way to remove all those stubborn fur from your dog’s bedding. If you wet the bed first, all the fur will get stuck making it hard to remove them.  Make sure to vacuum the fur before proceeding to wash it.

Alternatively, you can also take it outside and give it a good shake. Then use a dog hair removal brush to do away with the fur.

Is the bed smelly? Then you can sprinkle some baking soda and leave it for some time before vacuuming.

  1. Spot Clean Any Stains

It is crucial to remove all the stains before putting the bed in the washer. Once it becomes wet, the stains might become stubborn. You will be unable to remove them even after repeated washing.

Apply a mild stain remover and leave it for 15 minutes. Make sure not to use bleach or any other strong detergent. That might damage your dog’s bed.  Now dab the area with a clean cloth till the stain remover gets rinsed. That will make it easier to remove the stain while washing.

3. Wash The Bed

In how to machine wash a dog bed – first read the label for any specific instructions.

Put the bed in a washing machine and wash it in warm water. That will remove all the bacteria and bugs that could harm your pet’s health. However, too high temperatures can damage the fabric.

Moreover, it is recommended to use a mild, chemical-free laundry detergent. Make sure it is suitable for your dog’s skin. Pets often get skin allergies from harsh chemicals.

4. Rinse And Dry The Bed

You need to rinse the bed at least twice. This will remove all the dirty water and soap.

Next, air dry the bed before your dog can use it once again. You can put it in a tumble dryer. However, drying it out in the sun is the best option.

Make sure there is no moisture left behind. That will make it damp and smelly. It might even lead to the growth of mould.

How To Remove Odors

If your dog’s bed is not machine washable or you don’t have a washing machine handy, then you can wash your dog’s bed by hand.

  • If you are handwashing your dog bed, submerge and soak it in warm or hot water for 15 minutes
  • Washing the dog bed with white vinegar or apple cider will remove all the odor. You can add a few drops of it to the water. It is also effective when your dog pees on its bed
  • Use a chemical-free detergent and agitate the water till bubbles form
  • Allow it to soak for a little longer before rinsing
  • Rinse it thoroughly with cold water and remove any cleaning products that you may have used
  • You can squeeze it once or twice to remove excess soap and water
  • Let it dry in the sun

How Often Should I Wash My Dog’s Bed?

Washing your dog’s bed once a week can keep it clean and free of fleas and dander.

If your dog goes out for walks, mud, dirt or feces might accumulate on their bed. Apart from washing, you can use a vacuum to remove the fur and dust from the entire bed. It can save you from having to frequently wash the bed.

Tips to Remember

It might not always be possible to wash your pet’s bedding. In such cases keeping it clean might be the better option. Here are some tips to keep it clean and hygienic:

  • Remove the dust and fur regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, a pet hair remover or a lint roller might come in handy.
  • Apply steam on your dog’s bed. The high temperature of the steam will kill all germs and bugs, making it safe for your furry friend. It will also remove light stains.
  • You may use a blanket as a protective cover over your dog’s bed. That will prevent dust and fur from settling on your pet’s bed. Moreover, the blanket will also be easier to wash.
  • Wipe your dog’s bed with a clean cloth dipped in a mixture of water and vinegar. That will work wonders in removing stains and odor.
  • Keep the bed outside on a bright sunny day. That will keep it fresh till your next wash.