How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep On Vacation

How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep On Vacation

Most colleges and schools in Central Texas are out for the summer! This means it’s time to take days off from work and plan a vacation. Whether you choose an adventurous, thrill-seeking trip or a relaxing week at the beach with indulgent spas, a vacation is time to enjoy yourself. There is nothing better unless you do not get quality, restorative sleep while you’re away from home. The lack of sleep can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Find out how to get a great night’s sleep while you’re on vacation this summer.

Before you leave for your trip, take a few days to try and adjust to the time change. If you’re traveling east, go to bed an hour earlier. If you’re going west, try staying up an hour later. While on the plane if you’re flying to your destination, adjust your watch to the time zone where you’ll be vacationing. If you’re flying east, try not to sleep on the plane. If you’re flying west, try to take a quick nap on the plane while you can because you’ll be staying awake longer than usual.

While you’re away in a new location, don’t be afraid to bring your old routine with you. This is especially helpful if you have babies or younger children traveling with you. We fully understand that this is easier said than done, but when you can try to put the little ones to bed around the same time and nap when possible. Even for adults, avoiding late-night meals and staying off of electronics before you sleep will do your sleep patterns wonders.

Feel free to over pack on sleep accessories! You should consider bringing earplugs, a sleep mask, comfortable pajamas, and a nighttime lovey for your child that they are familiar with. If your child won’t sleep with an eye mask on, in the event that the hotel room or other sleep accommodations don’t get completely dark, try taping a black trash bag to the windows. This will work similar to blackout curtains.

Understand that your sleep schedule is going to be disrupted while you’re away from home. Take a nap when you can! Even for adults, a nap can really reenergize us. Don’t be afraid of missing out on your vacation time. Set a timer and take a quick snooze so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed so you can enjoy the time you have while away. You’ll probably even notice that you are more rested when you get back home.

Have safe travels this summer and enjoy your sleep and your vacation!