Experience The Advantages Of Eclipse Mattresses

Eclipse mattress

Quality, craftsmanship, and tradition are the hallmark of the Eclipse mattress brand. Eclipse combines old world traditions and innovative technologies to create a superior sleep experience. Explore the Eclipse international luxury mattress and the many features that make this mattress brand one of a kind.

The Eclipse mission is rooted deep in improving the quality of sleep, which is one pillar we can truly support at Factory Mattress. They want to make a difference in the way you sleep by handcrafting high-quality beds. Similar to Factory Mattress that is a family owned business, Eclipse was built on a family legacy in mattress manufacturing. Eclipse understands that sleep is both an art and a science, which is why their luxury mattresses are such high quality. In addition to making a superior mattress, the brand is committed to top-notch manufacturing and is mindful of their carbon footprint.

Eclipse mattresses are made with gel-infused foams that allows you to achieve restorative sleep while providing superior pressure point relief. The high-resiliency gel infused foam helps your body maintain a cooler more consistent temperature while you’re sleeping, which allows you to stay asleep longer and get a deeper more restful night’s sleep.

Tencel, which is a new age luxury fiber, is also used to make these luxurious beds. It is a functional fiber with a botanic origin and is extracted from the raw material wood. The fiber production is extremely eco-friendly so you can feel good about getting a good night’s rest.

One of the many highlights of this mattress brand is the Eclipse Spiral Zone. This is a 6-gauge wire lumbar support system. It works with the innerspring of the mattress so that you get the proper support you need to sleep soundly. You can even come to any local Factory Mattress store and use our RIGHTfit Technology to scientifically measure the level of support you need.

When you are ready to experience this international luxury mattress brand, visit a Factory Mattress near you and our sales associates will gladly match you up with the bed that is best suited for you.