Dress Up To Sleep In

woman in pajamas

There is nothing better than getting home after a long day at work and slipping into comfortable clothes. Are you one of the large percentage of people who immediately slip into their most comfortable pair of pajamas or sleep shorts and a t-shirt as soon as they get home? Did you know that this comfortable nighttime wear has a long history? From nightshirts to nightgowns, to pajamas to dressing gowns, and nightcaps, join us as we explore the history of pajama styles and fabric choices.

The word pajama dates back to the Ottoman Empire and comes from the Hindi word “pae jama” that means leg clothing. Pajamas were loose pants or trousers that were worn by both men and women and tied at the waist with a cord or drawstring. In addition to these pants, a belted tunic was worn. This style was seen largely in the Middle East and the Far East. Europeans who visited these countries would bring back the pajamas or loungewear, but wearing them wasn’t widespread until the twentieth century.

Coco Chanel was the first designer to actively promote a beautiful collection of pajamas. She persuaded women through her designs that pajamas were just as flattering as a nightgown. In the early 1900s women began wearing pajama suits (top and bottoms) instead of a traditional nightgown.

In the 1920s, women’s pajamas were more tailored in appearance and featured straight lines in a variety of printed fabrics. Fast forward to the 1950s where there were many styles of pajamas to choose from so women purchased classic pajama sets, baby dolls, nightgowns, and sleepshirts. You’ll now find that it’s trendy to mix and match different tops with pajama pants.

Picking pajamas in the right fabric for you can actually help you sleep better. (Secondary to having a supportive mattress, of course!) If you have sensitive skin and prefer lightweight pjs, cotton is an excellent choice. For a softer more luxurious fabric, sleep in silk as it can help you regulate your body temperature. Just note from personal experience, silk sheets and silk pajamas are not a good match as you will slide out of bed the entire night!!

Just like pajamas, mattresses come in different materials and styles, too. At Factory Mattress, we carry a wide selection of mattresses from all the top brands. From handcrafted cashmere and silks to cooling and moisture-wicking fabrics, we have every style and material to choose from so you can find the perfect mattress.