Add A Little Spring To Your Bedroom

Add A Little Spring To Your Bedroom

The first day of spring will be here before we know it! The start of a new season is the perfect time to redecorate and start afresh. The dark and gloomy days of winter will be long gone and we’ll see fields of Texas wildflowers, bright skies, and glowing yellow sunshine. Just as the outdoor environment changes, so should your bedroom. Discover these beautiful and fresh spring trends for spring 2018.

An easy and inexpensive way to give your bedroom a new look is by changing out the bedding. A new comforter and sheet set can make a huge impact because your bed is always the focal point of a bedroom. In central Texas, it’s common to sleep with a down comforter during the winter to stay warm. Now that the temperatures are changing, replace it and purchase lighter bedding with bright spring colors or floral patterns. Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet and we have to admit–it’s the perfect spring color!

If your allergies haven’t gotten completely out of control, you can bring the outside in with flower arrangements or houseplants. A big bouquet of flowers or a blooming plant instantly brightens up your room. This is a small change that is sure to brighten your mood, and your bedroom, without breaking the bank. You can even gather flowers or greenery from your own backyard.

If floral patterns or bright colors aren’t your thing, a big spring trend in 2018 is decorating in black and white. This classic combination is sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. The color pair easily offsets some of the other bright spring colors you’ll find throughout your home. Or, to add a pop of color, try having a throw or accent pillow in ultra violet on your bed. (And, here’s a tip – make your bed everyday!) Alternatively, if your master bedroom is decorated brightly, try the black and white style design in your bathroom to balance out the decorations.

Accent walls are definitely out this season. If you do have one, consider painting it to match the other three walls in your bedroom. (According to Pinterest, statement ceilings are the new trend that will be taking over bedrooms all across America.)

One trend that will never go away is getting the best night’s sleep possible! If you were tossing and turning throughout the winter, now is the time to find a mattress that will provide you a restful night’s sleep. Our RIGHTfit technology is the trendiest thing you’ll do all season. Visit a local store near you and have our diagnostic system scientifically measure your pressure points to determine the level of comfort and support you require for all seasons.