Let me start by saying the quantity and quality of sleep I get is very important to me. Doing a morning radio show means early to bed and early to rise. It sounds easy enough, but for me it was a daily challenge. I was always tossing and turning due to a back injury I suffered 20 years ago. I finally decided it was time for a new mattress.

My experience with Factory Mattress was taught me a few things. First of all that finding the perfect mattress was not as hard as I thought it would be. Their sleep consultants were insightful and asked me all the right questions, like what side and position I sleep in and if I had any health issues. When I told them about my back injury they suggested certain mattresses which would be the best for my condition. I tried about 10 different mattresses with varying degrees of firmness and found the Serta iComfort Insight mattress to be the perfect one for me. It molds to my body and supports my lower back too.

Secondly the perfect mattress does not have to come with a high price tag! My mattress was not only comfortable but affordable and I love the fact that I could get next day delivery. They also told me what to expect with the mattress and how to care for it. The best part is, I have never slept better and it has already made such a big difference in my life. Thank you Factory Mattress!!

Factory Mattress Testimonial From Terri McCormick