I am so pleased with my Factory Mattress experience. From the moment I walked into Factory Mattress it was totally different from any other time I have gone to buy a mattress. The sleep consultant met me at the door, was happy to see me, and proceeded to ask what I was looking for in a mattress. ¬†Then he asked me about my sleeping style. No one has ever asked me that when I was buying a mattress before. He even explained that my current mattress was too hard, and because I sleep on my stomach it isn’t letting my body relax properly. After trying out about 6 mattresses, we narrowed it down to a couple that we thought were best, then after a few more tests he got me on the Simmons Beauty Rest World Class. This mattress has completely changed my life. I don’t wake up in pain anymore, and I sleep through the night without waking up a bunch of times. Not to mention my wife is sleeping better also, so she doesn’t feel so tired chasing after the kids all day. I am so glad that I went to Factory Mattress where they actually cared about getting me on the right mattress. They weren’t just trying to sell me the one that they had on sale or the one that they have too many in the stock room. The fact that I saved hundreds of dollars on my mattress was also a nice benefit to going in there. When I find something I like I stick with it. So Factory Mattress has made a lifelong customer out of me. Thank you.

Factory Mattress Testimonial From Kelly Jordan