Sleep Tip #1: Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. I know that can be a little challenging on the weekends… but doing this syncs your body clock and helps you get a better night’s rest.
Sleep Tip #2: Driving while sleep deprived is similar to driving drunk. Scary, huh? Sleep deprivation gravely affects your motor coordination, making you more susceptible to accidents. Never drive when you are sleepy.
Sleep Tip #3: Next time you’re having a hard time falling asleep… check your thermostat. That’s right, most people fall asleep better in a slightly cooler room.
Sleep Tip #4: This is a tough one for all you coffee drinkers… But, the reality is that caffeine can cause problems with your sleeping for up to 12 hours! Start by eliminating your caffeine intake after lunch.
Sleep Tip #5: Watch those evening beverages! Nature always seems to call when you just started sleeping well. Drinking lots of fluids cause night time trips to the bathroom which can interrupt your sleep.
Sleep Tip #6: Is your bed large enough? You should have room to turn over and stretch, with a bedmate present.
Sleep Tip #7: Is it okay to watch TV while going to sleep? Boy, this is a highly debated one… For some, watching some mindless, entertaining TV is their only way to wind down after a busy day. My advice… watch something light and entertaining and always set the timer. The noise and flickering light can interfere with getting a deep restorative sleep.
Sleep Tip #8: Develop a simple consistent routine that signals your brain “it’s time for bed.” Maybe it’s reading, listening to music… or an audio book. And of course, warm milk or hot tea still do the trick.
Sleep Tip #9: Oh, so much easier said than done… But leave your stresses outside the bedroom door. Make your bedroom a sanctuary where bills, projects, and all the other things you worry about… aren’t allowed. Getting a good night’s rest allows you to deal with all these things with a fresh mind in the morning.
Sleep Tip #10: Keep your room dark during sleep hours. The darkness is another signal your body clock needs to stay in sync… knowing it’s time to sleep. Consider drapes with panels that block out sunlight or sleeping masks if needed.
Sleep Tip #11: Keep your room quiet. Noises such as traffic, music, TV, and people talking can delay falling asleep. If you need noise in the room to fall asleep, consider a fan, white noise, or an audio of soothing sounds.
Sleep Tip #12: Sometimes our beds become more than where we sleep. We end up using it to work, do household chores, pay bills… Keep your bed a fortress of rest and relaxation and avoid bringing work to bed.