• Factory Mattress - Round Rock

    Factory Mattress - Round Rock

    36 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Round Rock Location: 201 University Oaks Blvd Ste 1250 Round Rock, TX 78665 Phone: +15125498085
  • Alison O.

    Alison O.

    I never realized that this place was a locally owned business. We needed to get a mattress today because we transitioned our son to a queen and didn't have the mattress yet. The sales rep, Brian, said they could ship it on Tuesday. When he saw our disappointment, he said he had his own personal queen that we could take that day and he would order another for himself. Wow. Amazing, over the top service. And to top it off they will donate your old mattresses to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Laurie S.

    Laurie S.

    Samatha & Dante helped us out today with our second purchase today. They made us feel very comfortable. Quick & easy. If you need a mattress see Samantha!
  • Johnny D.

    Johnny D.

    My wife wanted the mattresses replaced in the kids bedroom and one of the guest bedrooms.  Brian showed us what was popular.  After trying them out, we were sold.  The mattresses we wound up buying were comfortable and at a reasonable price.  My wife is happy, the kids are happy, and therefore I am happy.  Keep up the good work Brian.
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  • Factory Mattress - Bitters Road

    Factory Mattress - Bitters Road

    9 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Bitters Road Location: 13111 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216 Phone: +12103613973
  • Ms P.

    Ms P.

    I wanted to just give this four stars, because I think people don't believe five star reviews, but I had to give them all five!  I had a perfect experience from walking into the showroom through the delivery.  I want to say that I was probably a nightmare for my salesperson, Tre Styles.  My friend and I probably spent about an hour in the showroom, asking lots of questions.  Tre was attentive, but not in the least bit pushy, he simply tried to explain the differences in the mattresses.  Finally, he just stepped back and let us go back and forth between beds until I made a decision.  I had no intention of actually purchasing the bed that day, but I think because Tre gave us the time and space, I thought, "why not"? Here is where I was the nightmare; 1)  I wasn't sure about a delivery date, because that depended on  when someone else was going to pick up my current bed. 2) I called back a week or so later and changed my order from a queen to a king  3) I called back a couple days later saying I would also need a frame  4) call back the same day and said, no I don't need the frame.  5) called back to set up delivery  6) called back to say I wanted the lower profile box springs instead of what I originally ordered. 7) called back the day before delivery to say I wanted the bed frame on the truck the next day after all.  Tre was perfect, polite, and helpful through everyone of those calls.  On delivery day, the guys were actually 1/2 hour early!!  They called ahead to make sure I was there, I was and was delighted I didn't have to wait.  By the way, the company offers tracking software, they send you a confirmation delivery email and you can click to see where you are in the delivery sequence and where the truck was at the current time.  I was the 12th that day, and it was kind of interesting to track where the delivery truck was.  The delivery team was great, they were so fast.  Two guys that made the delivery were professional, clean (they put on booties over their shoes), super fast, and took all the trash with them.  I think they were probably done within 20 minutes.  And just when poor Tre thought I was done with him, I had to call once more because I also bought a mattress pad so I had to exchange the queen for a king.  Once again, Tre treated me with such patience and kindness.  I will absolutely go to Factory Mattress again, they might all be good, but I highly recommend the location off of Bitters.  Ask for Tre.  Oh, by the way, another sales rep, Laurence, was there to help me on a day Tre was off.  He too, was extremely helpful and polite.  The whole team is great.  Oh, one more thing, I bought a Simmons Tortola Luxury firm mattress and it is also perfect!  It is so far superior to what I was sleeping on.  I also purchased Temperpedic Breeze pillows, they are pretty perfect.  

    You probably think I always give good reviews, not so much.  It really was that nice of an experience.
  • Justin L.

    Justin L.

    I was experiencing back pain for a few weeks and my wife and I decided we needed a new mattress. I had back surgery about 10 years ago to remove 3 herniated discs. So, mattress support and comfort contribute greatly to my quality of life each day.

    Tre helped us get into the right mattress. I'm typing this as I am laying in bed without back pain for the first time in a while. My wife loves the mattress as well.

    It is hard for us the find a mattress we both can agree on, I weigh about 260 and she weighs about 140. Tre found the perfect match for us. I haven't slept this well in a long time.  I did my due diligence and wanted a hybrid type mattress. I didn't want all foam because of my size. Physics is physics to me. If anyone has a wife that wants a soft mattress and you need the support, ask Tre about the Kingsdown line. Very underrated and unheard of brand that has a true latex foam section with latex wrapped springs for support. To us, it's feel like we are sleeping in a first class hotel bed. These beds have the option to be ordered with different firmness and support on each side of the bed!!!

    Tre also went above and beyond to make sure we got everything we need. He is very knowledgeable and will find the right mattress for everyone. He won't try to be a "salesman", he genuinely tells you what mattress should be best for your situation.

    We shopped at at least 6 other stores that day, Sleep number, mattress firm, sleep experts and others. Factory Mattress @ bitters was the only place that we didn't feel creeped out by a mattress salesman.

    Tre also did a great job making our adjustable bed platforms work inside a normal bed frame. His knowledge and willingness to work with us on this made our lives much easier.

    Tre's counterpart, Lawrence, also did a great job with us.

    Thank you Tre and Lawrence. You have found customers for life.
  • Leigh Ann S.

    Leigh Ann S.

    Salesperson, Tre, was very knowledgeable on mattress brands and took time to explain different features. We told him what we were looking for and he was able to get us the mattress we wanted in a very reasonable amount of time. Delivery was on time and as promised. We are very pleased with our new mattress - thank you!
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  • Factory Mattress - Georgetown

    Factory Mattress - Georgetown

    14 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Georgetown Location: 1015 W University Ave Georgetown, TX 78628 Phone: +15125984534
  • Jason E.

    Jason E.

    Awesome salesman, wonderful experience, great product, and fantastic price!  Mr. Jody Adams did such an unbelievable job with my wife and I in our purchase of 2 new mattress sets.  Not only did he understand our needs, but the differences in our sleep preferences, which helped him point us directly to the best sleep options.  He not only helped find us the right mattresses, but helped make sure we stayed within our budget.  The purchase we made was what was right for my wife and I and I couldn't be more pleased with the service.  Thanks to Jody for helping ensure we not only found what we needed, but had a great experience in doing so!
  • Tony B.

    Tony B.

    Jody was amazing to work with when my wife and I bought our mattress and pillows.  He gave us a ton of information about the products in the store, but also allowed us to take our time and try as many of the beds as needed.  I would highly recommend this store and especially Jody.  His customer service was exceptional.
  • Rico B.

    Rico B.

    Richard was very knowledge and patient. He was busy, but still found the time to help us make a purchase on a queen size mattress. He made the atmosphere very welcoming and also made me feel like I wasn't being pressured to buy anything. The quality of the mattress and the customer service are the best in wolf ranch! I will definitely come back and reference this store to anyone and everyone! Richard keep up the great work, you are an amazing!
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  • Factory Mattress - Southwest Austin Brodie

    Factory Mattress - Southwest Austin Brodie

    48 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Southwest Austin Brodie Location: 5601 Brodie Lane Ste 1400 Austin, TX 78745 Phone: +15125808209
  • Cristen C.

    Cristen C.

    Heidi G. Was seriously the best help ever. 24 months interest free with pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, etc. for less than $100 per month with the dreamiest mattress ever. I'm over the moon. I'm so happy.
  • Brittany M.

    Brittany M.

    A hidden gem in the land of 9,000 Mattress Firms!

    I wanted to spend under $1,000 on a King, mattress only. I went in and told them that price point and they showed me three great options. I chose what worked best, paid them, along with $59 for next day delivery, and was off. I realized later they cut me a deal because the one I left with showed a price tag of $1,300+.

    They even hauled off my old mattress for that price. The selection is about the same size as most mattress places and you'll pay a heck of a lot less. Score!
  • pam c.

    pam c.

    We had a warranty claim on a 3 year old Serta memory foam mattress. Jake in the warranty dept made it so easy. After he submitted our claim on our behalf to Serta, Serta wanted to send someone out to review the mattress themselves before approving our claim. Instead, Jake said that Factory Mattress would just take the mattress back from us and they would deal with Serta. We could just go into the store and pick out a new mattress. If you read about Serta's warranty dept online you find out how terrible they are to deal with. Factory Mattress made it so we never even had to have contact with them. The whole process took about 2 weeks. Completely painless. That's some SERIOUS customer service in my book.
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  • Factory Mattress - Gateway Square

    Factory Mattress - Gateway Square

    30 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Gateway Square Location: 9607 Research Blvd Ste 450 Austin, TX 78759 Phone: +15122014734
  • Han G.

    Han G.

    I purchased a Simmons twin mattress from them back in 2011. After 6 yrs it developed a sag in the middle that went down over 4 inches. It got so bad no one could sleep on it anymore. I filled out the warranty form but the manufacturer would not approve it.

    Jake from the Factory Mattress warranty department stepped in to approve the claim and gave me store credit for amount of the initial purchase. I was able to pick out a brand new mattress. Very happy and satisfied. This store upholds their promises and takes care of their customers. Thank you!
  • Ian D.

    Ian D.

    Big thanks to William and Jody helping us pick out the right mattress for us. They are very knowledgeable about their products and are more interested in making sure you get the right mattress than pressuring you into a high dollar sale (which is what I encountered at Mattress Firm).

    Would love to do business with them again, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new mattress.

  • Greg W.

    Greg W.

    My mother has not slept in a bed in over a year!  Their mattress buying experience was always walking in a store picking one out with out asking to many questions.

    That all changed!   We visited Jody at factory mattress he was extremely knowledgeable and patient.  He made sure that my mom went around and picked out the best mattress that was a fit for her.   If you know my mom she hates shopping and hates to try different things without a shove!

    With the help of Jody I'm pleased to say my mom is sleeping in a bed again.  She is extremely happy with her mattress!

    Thank you Jody for all of you help!  Highly recommend anyone looking for a great experience to go visit Jody!
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  • Factory Mattress - Arbor Park

    Factory Mattress - Arbor Park

    5 reviews
    Factory Mattress - Arbor Park Location: 17700 US 281 Access Rd. #128 San Antonio, TX 78232 Phone: +12103613922
  • Anne D.

    Anne D.

    I bought my mattress and box springs from this store3 and a half years ago. The manager helped me and I haven't been disappointed with my purchase. I am now back looking for a headboard and footboard and wouldn't go anywhere else to purchase it.
  • Klin L.

    Klin L.

    Very happy with our experience! Sam was awesome. He helped us pick out the perfect bed, which I thought would be much more difficult because my husband and I like very different beds. He is super knowledgeable and we are very happy we had his help making such a big purchase. Highly recommend the Arbor Park location!! Ask for Sam!
  • Katelyn S.

    Katelyn S.

    We purchased a mattress almost a year ago from this location and it started to get too soft and developed divots where we slept. We went in today to see what we could do about possibly getting a new one and they made it so easy! Scott was such a huge help! After almost a YEAR they still let us return it and get a different one. By far the best costumer service I've ever received.
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